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  5. What size petri dish did you use for this project?

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  7. Thank you for the chance to win! We’re looking for more ways to reduce plastic in our home. The patterns are so cute!

  8. Too cute!! This looks so cute and comfy! Love the idea of light weight clothes kids can really play in. I love this 🙂

  9. Pop-nested-bean-zen-swaddleit can last up to 6 months & Exceeds US and International safety standards

  10. I like that it is toxic free!

  11. I like the 2 in 1 design lasts 0-6 months.

  12. Love the adorable prints and all cotton construction.

  13. I like that they are safe for the baby’s hips!

  14. I like that it is washable, has free shipping, and will last up to 6 months old.

  15. I like the pretty calm design, great for a boy or a girl

  16. I love that it has lightly weighted parts to mimic your embrace so baby will sleep better.

  17. I like that it can last up to 6 months – no 2 different sizes you have to buy!

  18. I like they are 100% Toxin Free and the prints are cute!

  19. I love all of the different prints. They are so adorable.

  20. I love the 2 in 1 design that lasts 0-6 months. Twice as long as regular swaddles.

  21. it Exceeds US and International safety standards.

  22. I like the zen swaddle premier.

  23. I love that there’s free shipping on all US orders.

  24. I like that this swaddle is machine washable and lasts up until 6 months of age!

  25. They are super Cute!! Loved the,

  26. We love to be outdoors so my family has been doing a lot of hiking and letterboxing this summer. We also go camping whenever we get the chance.

  27. Now I’d like to get my hands on that cloth diaper cover for my baby..

  28. Love seeing the fit on a chubby toddler! She’s such a cute model! The Posy print that you reviewed is really pretty and one I’d love to add to our collection, along with Pebble and Strawberry. One day, I hope we’ll have the whole Buttons rainbow!

  29. I appreciate their commitment to both intellectual and spiritual values.

  30. I like that their sole misson is to help families in Guatemala

  31. I like that you can sponsor university students, as well as adult students!

  32. everyone deserves a living wage. especially those with such specialized skill sets like weaving! i love this so much (as a human , a small business owner, and a weaver!!)

  33. I love their commitment to being fair trade– it’s such an important way to help small businesses in developing countries grow. And when local businesses grow, it’s good for the whole community!

  34. I love that you can purchase the weaving looms and accessories! Great way to take up a craft, and help people out!

  35. The home repair efforts are a great idea.

  36. I really love that instead of hand outs the organization helps connect artisans with markets they otherwise would be unable to access.

  37. The alternative gifts are great! Something for everyone!

  38. I love the child sponsorship component.

  39. i like that they get schools involved in their mission.

  40. I love that they repair the kitchen stoves , so there are less children with respiratory issues.

  41. I love that they help improve family health.

  42. I love that thier mission is to reduce poverty in Guatemala by providing
    educational opportunities for the people. It’s a mission that works with the people rather than excluding them.

  43. I love that they are preserving an important part of the culture by making it economically sustainable.

  44. I like that you can’t donate to the WHERE MOST NEEDED fund in order to cover emergency , food, or any other cost that a family may need.

  45. I think it sounds fun to host a show to share the products and ministry with others.

  46. I love that you can sponsor a mother/toddler bible study! How greAt!

  47. I’m a big fan of child sponsorship programs. It makes giving so much more personal.

  48. When you sponsor a student, you not only provide them with school supplies, but you are able to stay connected with them and build friendships. Love it!

  49. I love that by hosting a show are able to help families send their children to school to stop the cycle of illiteracy! Reading is so important!

  50. I love that they focus on the whole family unit.

  51. I read that I could sponsor a student and that the BENEFITS OF SPONSORSHIP are many; like a Bible, School Supplies, a Backpack, a Pair of New Shoes, Clothing, School Fees and other benefits.

  52. I really like the healthy home project.

  53. I love that you can greats your own special trip for service projects and mission trips!

  54. I love that they focus on spiritual education . Good for the soul!

  55. I love the focus on education both academic and spiritual.

  56. I love that Edication and More is a member of the Fair Trade Federation .

  57. I love the alternative gifts!

  58. I love thier Bracelets 2 Educate program! Great way to encourage girls to get an education!

  59. I think this is a great way to help others realize their potential through the efforts of the Fair Trade Sales.

  60. The bracelets for education is a neat program.

  61. I love that they help repair the homes of thevpeople involved in the company! That’s awesome!

  62. I like that they focus on the whole family and not just the child.

  63. I love that they hold VBS for the children!

  64. I love that this organization has a mission to help both the artists and the children. Education is key to ensuring that people can be self sustaining and I think this is a great cause. I love that more and more attention is getting placed on education and treating people fairly. I am all for inexpensive products, but not at the cost of people being able to make a living for themselves and their families.

  65. I like the sponsoring a child program. Helping people to get treated fairly is a great thing to strive for. What a neat company!

  66. I think that it’s neat that they offer student sponsorship.

  67. I like to see organizations who support fair trade practices.

  68. Love the Bracelets 2 Educate!

  69. I love that they use a craft that already exists in the culture to empower people.

  70. I really like how this organization has sponsoring a child. I’m sure this has helped change many of the children’s lives. Thanks for the give away.

  71. I love that they are sharing the Gospel.

  72. I love the Healthy home project! So awesome!

  73. Its so good that they pay a fair living wage. thats missing in so much of this world!

  74. I love that you can host a fair trade sale. I love that you can still help out by throwing a sale party, in the event you can’t purchase anything yourself. Many ways to help!

  75. I love that they help people of all ages get and education.

  76. I love that they allow people of all ages to finish their education. Learning has no limits and I’m glad they help promote that!

  77. I love that we can find great fair trade products in one place and they help people!

  78. I love that they help people in Guatemala earn a fair income.

  79. I love that you can sponsor a child so they can get an education!

  80. I love that Education and More has a healthy home project! I love that they are able to help these families with a safer way to cook for their families. I love that they are able to help them make their homes safer for them and their children!

  81. I really love how this organization put so much thought into the people of Guatemala. Organizations like this help this people to be treated fairly, get an educating and have access to healthcare. I’ve tried hard to support local or fair trade companies.

  82. Really cute prints! Great price point, too. Thanks for this helpful review!

  83. These products look great! I need to purchase this before my baby comes, I forget what it’s like to deal with diapers.

  84. I would use this with my daughter, I’d love to try something like this.

  85. If you are going to get a Diaper Sprayer to rinse your cloth diapers with consider not getting the cheapest plastic one you find because it will probably break in a few weeks of use. Get a quality Stainless Steel Sprayer that will last allot longer. See

  86. I think I’d go with the Lavender Vanilla!

  87. I would like to try Lemongrass Bergamot Deodorant Creme

  88. I’d love to try the Lavender Vanilla. Two scents I love. 🙂

  89. I’d love to try the Orange & Spice. At least there’s no baby powder!!

  90. I would like to try the Iced Lemonade

  91. I would try the orange spice.

  92. I would want to try Vanilla Mint!

  93. I would love to win #4, I’m so looking forward to making my own baby food and the Beba Babycook Pro would be perfect!

  94. I love this… I’ve tried making my own butt balm before but it was crazy complicated. I think I’ll stick to this from now on. Thanks. 🙂

  95. Seriously awesome rundown on proper folding techniques and beyond. Thanks much for sharing.

  96. Thanks for the shares! Some of those folds are new to me, so I’m going to go check out the other posts.

  97. I have never heard of this time of laundry detergent. I have been trying to find a greener solution to wash clothes and this seems like it is a great option. I am going to try this and see how it works for my family.

  98. What great prizes!

  99. I would like to try the suckers.

  100. Vitamin C drops

  101. Fruit Snacks

  102. I’d love to try their gummy worms

  103. I’d love to try the YumEarth Organics Assorted Vitamin C Drops!

  104. sour beans

  105. I want that cloth diaper. Cuuute!

  106. Awww. What a cute nappy. I want one for my baby.

  107. Just entered. I hope I win.

  108. That looks yummy enough to eat. LOL

  109. Now I want this stroller for my baby.

  110. I need to get some of these then.

  111. I really find stroller organizers very useful. We got one that is made by Dot&Dot. It looks kinda similar to this but ours has a magnetic cover on the main compartment instead of a zipper. I love how all my baby’s essentials fit into it and mine as well.

  112. I’d love to get some of those buttons cloth diapers! I had 10 diapers essentially stolen from them, that’d be awesome to win!

  113. Would love to give this set to a mother in need. I have a 6 month old and 2.5 year old, but this would be a great gift for a mother in need in my community.

  114. Our upcoming baby will be our first experience with cloth diapers

  115. Hoping to make cloth diapers work when ours is born, being chemical free and easy to use sold us right away.

  116. We are due with baby #1 here in a month, and have seriously considered using cloth diapers. I would love to have a few more to add to my stash!

  117. We are expecting our first baby any day now! I work from home by sewing and selling baby clothes and thought that diapers couldn’t be too difficult to make also, so I made flats and covers for our little one once he is born. I’m hoping they work out well but would love more to add to our stash!

  118. It hasn’t been an issue of making them work the just do. I love wool at night

  119. I’m still pregnant but slowly building my stash and trying to learn all I can ahead of time – so I don’t give up. I have owned mama cloth for two years now and think diapering will be a just as easy 🙂

  120. We feel so fortunate to have a washer-dryer in our apartment, which has made it possible for us! We started in cloth and just kept going.

  121. We haven’t tried cloth diapers yet & would like to.

  122. We keep it simple and cloth diaper to save money. We do use disposables at night and in the car, we have yet to find a fool proof over night solution. To be honest I am lucky I manage to get my kids in and out of the car and leave their things in the car all the time I don’t want to forget a wet bag full of dirties in the car by accident.

  123. When we started cloth, we went in head first. I was very determined that we could cloth all the time and it ended up working out great! Now using cloth is super easy and don’t have to do anything special to make it work for our family.

  124. My family has been soo supportive, which makes it easier. Everyone was very skeptical at first, but cloth diapering is growing on them. They are getting used to how to care for the diapers and they all love the cute designs!

  125. We love cloth diapering! Cloth diapering has come a long way and is so easy and convenient. It saves you money and is so much better for baby. It is also great for the environment

  126. we make cloth diapers work, by not going “all or nothing” if we need to we will use disposable diapers. and lets face it sometimes you need a break.

  127. We make it work by not stressing about using disposables. Like a pp said my husband will take cloth off but won’t but them on and since I do almost all the diaper changes it’s fine.

  128. My family has been really supportive of the switch to CD. My parents have been willing to learn how to fasten snaps and my husband has helped with laundry and setting up a drying line. Baby has helped by providing a cute tush to show off how cute fluff can look.

  129. Love cloth diapering! Once you’ve established a routine it’s quite easy. I love the huge selection of cloth diapers…it can be extremely addicting!

  130. UT Works For My Family Part Time Sadly 🙁 I Went Back To Work AND The Daycare On The Way To Work Don’t Do Cloth I Know I know… I’m Really Bummed But Once My Son’s Home He’s IN Cloth AND I Love It AND I Know He Does to

  131. I work full time but with enough wetbags, AIOs and enough diapers I don’t have to stuff but once a week, we make it work 🙂

  132. Cloth diapering has been great in our family because it saves us a lot of money that we can divert to other needs, and having a fun trip or so every now and then. Plus we know that the baby´s skin and health will be way better, and we don´t have to get paranoid about chemicals touching the baby´s body.

  133. I’m due with my first bundle of joy soon so I have yet to use cloth diapers. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for wanting to cloth diaper but I have never like disposables on my baby siblings, niece, or other babies that I have watched and changed. I’m determined to use and love cloth diapers for both income and environmental reasons. 🙂

  134. I haven’t tried cloth diapering yet but it is something that I am interested in.

  135. I am waiting for my fluff to arrive. I am excited to get into cloth diapering, even though my mom and hubby think I’m crazy. I wash clothes constantly anyway, so this will just mean fuller loads and fewer trips to the dump. I CAN’T WAIT!!

  136. I have 2 in cloth diapers currently and love CDing so much I will use Cd’s from birth on any further children (I started using cloth on my 2 this year) I did have some serious barnyard stink issues from the used diapers I bought to start out, as soon as I thought I had that figured out I realized some of my diapers were repelling so I went back to the drawing board and now I tentatively have it all sorted out 🙂

  137. Not only has it saved us money, but it has connected us with a community of friends we never knew existed

  138. A simple wash routine keeps us in dry diapers and stink free!

  139. It’s so easy to cloth diaper. So glad we made this decision.

  140. DS #1 we used a service. For #2, it’s an extra load of laundry every other day.

  141. We have made cloth diapers work for our family by me doing all of the diaper laundry. 🙂 That was my husband’s requirement. In return, he hasn’t complained too much that I went way over budget buying diapers. Joke is on him, though, because I don’t mind doing fluff laundry in the slightest!

  142. We made cloth diapering work for us by having different stashes for different needs (e.g., day care) and by using the same one on both kids.

  143. We tried prefolds, but we’re back to AIO’s. They just work better for us. We do cloth wipes as well.

  144. I just fell in love with cloth diapering and now it is easy and fun! prefolds and diaper covers helped keep the expense down!

  145. We have not started using cloth diapers yet. I am still in the process of selecting which diapers I want in my stash. I am predicting a lot of trial and user error 😉

  146. I have spent about $300 in cloth diapers. I bought new, then used. Tried different kinds. Also had some given to us!! 🙂 I do a wash load about every 3 days and line dry. It works for our family of 3

  147. MAde it work by buying inexpensive used diapers, entering diaper giveaways, and just making it our normal. disposables not an option.

  148. We’re currently using cloth diapers about half the time. We need a bigger stash, and my husband doesn’t really have the hang of using them yet.

  149. I make cloth diapering work because I want it to work. I’ve got no one else to help me so yeah…you just do it.

  150. We are starting cloth diapering when our little man arrives in a few weeks and we plan on staying off with cloth only in the home so we don’t overwhelm ourselves.

  151. Baby is due in December, and I’m already excited about how much money we will save!

  152. We haven’t started cloth diapering just yet – I’m trying to build my stash before we start foster-adopting this fall! But I love all the CD bloggers out there, I’m hoping to get all the tips and tricks down before we start 🙂

  153. We love cloth diapering at my house! We use AIO, hybrids, prefolds and covers! We love it all!

  154. this will actually be our family’s first experience of cloth diapering, but we are very excited and eager to learn and hear what has worked for others!

  155. I love that I can save money and do a little bit for the environment at the same time. Plus I think the fluffy bottom is so cute.

  156. we use a myriad of different type of diapers for different reasons/occasions.

  157. Saved us money on diapers.. less rashes.. so better healthier bum and not wasting money on creams, and better for environment!

  158. We’ve made it work simply by deciding cloth is what we would use and committing to using them. We’ve saved money, my daughter who has extremely sensitive skin hasnt had the rash problem she did as a newborn when she used to wear disposables. (I would never go back!)

  159. We’ve made cloth diapering work for us by just diving in! If something doesn’t work, you try something else or ask a professional for help. And worse comes to worse, there is NOTHING wrong with the occasional disposable. *Any* cloth is good for your baby!

  160. My family was extremely supportive of cloth diapering from the beginning. As soon as I announced that we were going to cloth diaper our baby, my mothers researched everything about it and got just as excited about it as I was.

  161. We keep it as simple as we can

  162. It works for us because our stash has saved us so much money which we’re able to put toward other things.

  163. CD is new to me but I am saving money and having fun learning about new brands and designs!

  164. We have cloth diapered both of our boys from the beginning, so we don’t know any differently! It’s just easy. We originally decided to cloth diaper to save money, and now I’m addicted 🙂

  165. We’ve been cloth diapering off and on for 19 years, so we make it work because we are pros! I keep it simple and air dry a lot in the sun!

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  167. We cloth diaper from my lo was 6 weeks old with prefolds and covers and totally love it!

  168. We have made cloth diapering work by buying used!

  169. Cloth diapering is working for us, as I save money so I could be at home longer with baby.

  170. We’ve been CDing since he was 6 weeks old, so it never felt like we had to make it work for us – it’s just second nature now!

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  172. We cloth diapered my son from the time he was 4 months old and I am now expecting again and building a stash for baby #2! Both hubby and I love it. Our son never had rashes again once we switched and we saved so much money.

  173. We are waiting for my baby boy to come home from the Nicu. I haven’t cloth diapered yet and I want my son to be comfy. Also, I Want to use cloth diapers for medical reasons. He’s five months old and I can’t wait for him to come home and start wearing cloth diapers.

  174. Baby has not arrived, but preparing my cloth diaper stash one diaper at a time. I am excited to help the environment, my babies bum, and my wallet (eventually) all at the same time!

  175. We made cloth diapering work by starting before “real” poop took over our lives! I think if we had attempted when my son was already eating solids, we wouldn’t have stuck with it. We’re on baby number 2 now, so it’s even easier! We know we can do it!!

  176. Cloth diapering has made my life easier because I don’t have to run to the store when we used the last disposable diaper. I now have a wide range of options.

  177. we use them when we are at home!

  178. We have bought a variety of types that for different aspects of our life. We have easy Velcro closure and all-in-ones for dad and babysitters. Then we have prefolds with covers to help us save money! I read lots of blogs and am constantly adding to my stash 🙂

  179. It just fell together! We’ve have had a few mishaps but overall it’s been great!

  180. Our baby isn’t here yet, but we plan to wash as often as we can. I already have a spray pal but that will get used once the baby is older.

  181. We’ve made cloth diapering work for us by changing our daily habits a little-I certainly do an extra load of laundry every day! We also started out with just a couple to see how we liked things before spending lots of money on one brand or type of cloth. It took a little more effort at first but now we love it!

  182. I’ve had to take the lead- buying, prepping, washing… Basically it’s something my husband lets me do. But our guy sends most if his time in cloth.

  183. We started to save money, and have fallen in love with the ease and cuteness of it!

  184. From the moment we started we loved it! Were prouder greener parents for it ☺

  185. I got started cloth diapering when my son was 10 months old… my mom was super supportive and is happy to use cloth everytime she babysits. My husband wasn’t sure at first but he helps with diapering and cloth diaper laundry all the time!

  186. We’ve been using cloth diapers for the last two months and it’s going great! It seemed like it was going to be too expensive upfront but we went in the more economic way and we’re using flats, receiving blankets, and diaper covers!

  187. I never tried cloth diapers, but like to.

  188. My husband was the one that wanted to start cloth diapering. He and a friend who is cloth obsessed got me into it. She got be a whole newborn stash and part of a OS stash for my baby shower and sends me home with new to me diapers every time I visit her! I will be giving her back the newborn diapers soon though! She is expecting again!

  189. We started using cloth with my special needs little brother over four years ago… it saved money because we didn’t have to purchase pullups for him and it was soo much better for his bum.

  190. I haven’t bought disposables in my son’s entire life. All the money we would have spent, is now in his savings account! I found them easy and have not had a real issue after 20 months!

  191. We are expecting our first baby in about 2 weeks. I’ve already made some covers and flats to start him off with cloth diapers. Can’t wait!!

  192. I’m on my third cloth diapered baby. I started with pockets, but now mostly use prefolds and Thirties covers.

  193. My husband wanted to do disposables and I wanted to cloth diaper. We negotiated by using cloth diapers during the day (I stay at home) and disposables at night and when he changes diapers.

  194. I used cloth diapers on my daughter many years ago. Now she has a little one of her own and uses cloth diapers on my grand daughter. It makes so much sense to use a natural material next to the baby’s soft skin and it saves a lot of money too.

  195. I got most of my diapers from my sister in law. Thank goodness for family!

  196. We did a newborn rental to start out and try a few different styles and brands of diapers. I didn’t know for sure that I would love it, but I don’t mind the laundry, and I love not having to run out and buy disposables all the time. On vacations we still use disposables but use cloth all the time at home!

  197. Though I have not started full time cloth diapering yet, I am in the process of building my stash and am part time. My husband at first was hesitant but now is fully on board since I showed him how easy and green it is!

  198. Cloth diapering works wonderfully for us. I’m allergic to disposables and watch my cousin’s daughter while she’s at work so cloth is used the entire time she’s with me and about half the time she’s with my cousin. It is working great at encouraging baby girl to potty train early using ec.

  199. Cloth diapers have saved us alot of money, and has rid my DD of diaper rash completely. She enjoys them, as do i 🙂

  200. I do it to try and save a little money, so I bought some used. Would like a few new ones though!


  202. My husband wasn’t really on board with cloth diapers when I was pregnant. I’m pretty sure he thought it was just a crazy idea that came from pregnancy hormones and I would forget about it as soon as our daughter was born. I sold him on the idea by agreeing to do all of the diaper laundry and getting easy to use aplix, so he could put it on just like a disposable. Now we mainly use prefolds and covers and he thanks me all the time for cloth diapering. I have even heard him telling his friends who are expecting how awesome cloth is!

  203. We cloth diaper to save money and because they are so cute! Almost as easy as disposables anyway 🙂

  204. Love cloth diapering! All for a cleaner environment. Better future for my little guy to grow up in.

  205. I love CDing! We recently started over with babies as our oldest are 12 and 9 years old. We now have a 14 month old and another due in October. We didn’t CD with the first 2 but it has been a great experience and my husband now loves it to.

  206. We cloth full time. I always wash the diapers and have them ready-to-go and hubby has never had an issue using them 🙂

  207. I love cloth diapering! It is saving us so much money and I love that my baby doesn’t have all of the disposable diaper chemicals. I love being an advocate for cloth diapering as well!

  208. I haven’t started cloth diapering yet, I would really love to start with our next child! I am trying to learn as much as I can!

  209. I haven’t cloth diapered yet, but I am pregnant and plan to when baby arrives! I plan on making this work with the helpful advice given by the grandparents who have cloth diapered successfully!

  210. Cloth diapers has really saved us money. I try to have everything set out in advance for quick and easy changes. Having a good wash routing helps too!

  211. I currently CD part time with the baby I nanny. I am trying to build up a stash for when my baby is born.

  212. We began to cloth diaper out of necessity. Our 2 boys are 15 months apart. So far we have come up with a simple wash routine and the ease of cloth diapering surprised us. My husband is great and helps shoulder the cloth diapering laundry when I am caring for our newborn.

  213. Cloth works for us because it’s safer, healthier and saves us so much money. It isn’t even more work than disposables (in my opinion). It is something I am flexible about but it’s been such a huge blessing for our family!

  214. We’ve simplified our wash routine and learned to love hanging clothes in the sunshine.

  215. I use cloth diapers because it is more economical, environment friendly, and exposes the baby to less toxins than disposable diapers.

  216. It works for us because we did a ton of research before getting started and before trying anything new. So far, we havent seem to hVe mDe any choices we regret

  217. I made CDing work by buying used diapers because of my limited income and tried out different brands to see which ones I liked best.

  218. We’ve cloth diapered 3 of our 5 children and it’s saved us thousands of dollars.

  219. We started out part time with my niece as a newborn, just wanting to try out cloth diapering. But no matter what disposable we would put on her, she would break out into an awful rash. So now it’s become full time, which we thought might be an issue with the child care center, but they were totally on board with it! Which makes us happy, and my niece is happy with non-raw bum 🙂 I don’t think we could ever go back even if she didn’t break out in rashes with disposables because of the money savings and especially all of the fun we get to have with choosing prints and colors for her.

  220. I love cloth even though I have to hand wash I do it because I love saving money and helping the environment.

  221. We have been able to save money while having two in cloth at the same time. Now with one being potty trained and a new baby one the way, we will be able to keep using our cloth diapers and not have to spend money on disposables

  222. Our little one is 11 weeks old tomorrow and I looked forward to CDing throughout my entire pregnancy. I’m so glad it has worked out for us! We’re still figuring out our favorite night time option (FuzziBunz OS with an extra insert seems to be working for now!) but we love our prefolds and covers during the day. I actually enjoy the diaper laundry (though I’m sure that wears off!). I definitely underestimated how addicting CDing can be, though!

  223. Our little one is 11 weeks old tomorrow and I looked forward to CDing throughout my entire pregnancy. I’m so glad it has worked out for us! We’re still figuring out our favorite night time option (FuzziBunz OS with an extra insert seems to be working for now!) but we love our prefolds and covers during the day. I actually enjoy the diaper laundry (though I’m sure that wears off!).

  224. We love cloth diapering. We started out with diapers that were towel-like, which is all that was available in central Africa where our daughter was born, and some covers that my sister had sent us. Now while we’re in the States we’ve learned about prefolds, AIO, flats, etc., and love it! Our daughter doesn’t get rashes, we don’t have to run to the store if we’re out of wipes, diapers, whatever, and it’s easy (especially with a washing machine here)! We’re expecting baby #2 and after that one is born, we’ll head back to central Africa where we’ll cloth diaper both of them. It’ll be even better there (except for the hand washing part being kind of tough 😉 ) because they’ll always dry in the sun & get that extra clean look / smell to them!

  225. We don’t have a little one here yet, but hoping to be successful with cloth diapers. I think its helpful to learn from other parents and to be flexible and take things as they come!

  226. We didn’t give up after a not so fab experience cloth diapering a newborn…stuck with it and love it!

  227. We originally started with our son. He was 2.5 and I had won a few diapers in giveaways and thought we should at least give it a try. He was a confused by the change in how they felt compared to disposables and refused to wear them. But one day I was out of diapers and he was no where near ready to try potty training and I told him he had to wear them. He obliged and we continue using them until he was 3 and potty trained. During that time and the next year and a half I won many different diaper and other related accessories giveaways so I was totally prepared to cloth diaper our daughter when she came into the world. We used cloth with her for the first 8 months of life (with a few disposables thrown in) but then size became an issue (even with large fitted and one sized diapers). She quickly outgrew the diapers and we ended up switching her to disposables because the size 6’s fit better around her chunky butt, thighs, and waist (I was surprised that she didn’t fit into the same diapers at 8 months that her brother could still wear at 3 or 4. He was so skinny compared to her.) She is 2.5 now and has been working on potty training and doing well. I am pregnant with number 3 and we will definitely be using cloth for him or her. I am going to look into the cost of some extra large diapers in case we end up with another chunky babe.

  228. We didn’t have to make cloth diapering work, it just fit. The hardest thing was remembering to get the diaps out of the wash at night to dry.

  229. We made it work for us by accepting that doing more laundry is not that bad

  230. Flats and covers have worked so far but looking or a good nighttime diaper 🙂

  231. Planning for baby #1, so I have not used them yet. Looking forward to using less trash, saving some money, and of course they are just too cute!

  232. They work! And save us lots of money.

  233. I have made it work by just diving in and doing it. It does work for our family and I was surprised how easy it really was!

  234. Having this third baby was really going put a strain on our budget, so I am breastfeeding and cloth diapering. Wish I would have known how easy modern cloth diapering is with our first two kiddos. I want to just cry when I think of all the money we literally threw away using disposables.

  235. I Internet stalked cloth diapering. It’s a new language. I decided to purchase used diapers of Craigslist and was forbade enough to have the mamas that sold to me give me the run down on how they did things. It worked for us to slowly switch over and developed a routine. Routines are great, even for adults.

  236. […] 3 Oh Katy Diapers from Irresistibly Green (ends 7/23) […]

  237. Our baby is due in November, and I’d love to try cloth diapers. It’s so much better all-around.

  238. It has made it easier by always having diapers available. If they do need to be washed, we just wash them.

  239. We started out with cloth, and just kept going. We both work full time, but having a washer-dryer in our apartment (not common for our city) makes all the difference!

  240. At first, I was the only one on board with using cloth. Now, my husband helps by changing. And even my daughters 10 & 13 help by stuffing and folding!!

  241. We’ve made cloth diapering work by starting out with several DIFFERENT types and brands of diapers, instead of buying 20 of the same diapers. We did this so we could a bunch and see what works best for us. We still have a large variety and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I would get so bored with JUST pockets or JUST AIOs, etc.

  242. We love our cloth diapers! its works well for our little family, just working on getting our babysitter to be as on board as we are!!

  243. We make cloth diapering work for us by using disposables at night. The cloth diapers I have leak overnight and I’m not up to the challenge of buying and testing several products, so we stick with disposables for overnight. During the day I love cloth! I do all the washing and stuffing so there’s really no difference as far as my husband and other caretakers are concerned. Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. We’ve had a pretty tight budget, so we started with prefolds and covers in an off brand… Four months in and we’ve “paid” for what we have, and even buying a new diaper every week or two, we’re still saving money! (That’s not even counting on selling them when we’re done!)

  245. We mostly use cloth diapers at home. A lot I have gotten given to me, used, or have won. I have done it pretty cheaply. They have definitely saved us money!

  246. Cloth diapers have saved us money (2 in diapers), time (no more running to the store to get diapers, and have helped me get organized as a stay at home mom of 2.

  247. It took a while for hubby to venture in and change cloth diaper, but since then I’ve noticed he’s changed cloth diapers more often then disposables and he really seems to like cloth diapering. I do cd laundry once he gets home from work and we’re set for the next day.

  248. I slowly added one or two cloth diapers at a time until I had a full time stash! It’s okay to use cloth only part time – every CD worn is one less disposable in a landfill!

  249. We’ve made cloth diapering work by shopping on Craig’s list and entering a lot of giveaways. By doing that we’ve been able to diaper our daughter for about $100 and that has been a tremendous help to our budget.

  250. We made cloth diapering work but just working through the challenges we initially encountered (leaking, cleaning routine, etc). I definitely think it’s worth the cost saving and so nice not to be putting bags of disposables in the trash.

  251. Diaper rash on my son and daughter convinced my husband to use cloth… since the switch, we have no problems!

  252. I cloth on the weekends. I love it and look forward to using my diapers knowing the money they save us.

  253. Though not technically the only option, cloth has just always seemed like the the only option for us. Between the allergy issues my husband and I have had with carious chemicals, How we try to be more environmentally conscious every day, and the fact that we are way up in the mountains so an emergency ‘we are out of diapers’ trip is not really an option, cloth just seemed to fit. The only real adjustment was adding the loads of laundry to my week which is not much in the scheme of things. Cloth was just a natural fit for us.

  254. We technically haven’t started cloth diapering yet. We are starting our cloth diaper collection for our first child. I have won 2 diapers already and I’m excited to use them since they are natural and gentle on the babies and cost effective as well.

  255. We planning to use cloth for our baby to come. No experience with cloth yet though.

  256. We started out cloth diapering part time since we only had a few at first. As we acquired more diapers, we used them more often, and now they’re all I reach for.

  257. We made cloth diapers work because we had 2 in diapers and needed to save money. Plus I hate putting things into the landfill

  258. We don’t have a baby yet but we’re planning on using cloth diapers so it’s super helpful to read all of these comments!

  259. We started out wanting to save money and I am so happy that my husband is completely on board as well as our daughter’s daycare!

  260. We made cloth work by keeping it simple. i read lots of reviews- FLIPS got amazing reviews & had a sale 🙂 and prefolds…. i’ve tweaked it a little over the year, now we use hemp at nights. But overall simplicity is what worked for us. no leaks, no blow-outs, easy to clean 🙂

  261. it has made is easier by never running out of diapers!! no more store trips cuz all i have to do is wash and there ready to use in an hour again so awesome!

  262. We made cloth diapering work for us by trying many different brands and styles until we found the perfect diaper for our family. When we didn’t like a diaper we sold it to buy more of the diapers that we did love 🙂

  263. We weren’t sure how easy cloth diapering was going to be, but wanted to be able to do it. Our baby is a preemie and is just now starting to fit into her cloth diapers, so we don’t have much experience yet, but I can’t believe how easy it is! I expected it to be a little more difficult than it has been!

  264. Cloth diapering works for us because we have so many options! It helps to involve Daddy and make sure there is something he doesn’t mind, if it’s H&L or aio. I love that we’re not dependent on a disposable product. freshsamanthaaa (at) hotmail (dot) com

  265. It works for us because it’s better for my baby, better for the environment, and better for my wallet!

  266. We make cloth diapering work with my family by having a decent size stash with a mix of pockets, fitteds, and prefolds! Pockets are great for dad when I’m gone at work or school and I like to use the prefolds and covers!

  267. I always planned on cloth diapering. We started at about 1 month since all I had were OS and she was a little small at first for them. She is now 14 months and I now have a stash large enough for another, which is great since my second is due next month! I love that I never have to go out and buy diapers. I couldn’t imagine the cost of two in disposables!

  268. It works for us because I take care of what we need! It is simple, no real extra time, safe, and it works!!

  269. We made it work for our family by starting slowly. We put our LO in cloth diapers maybe once or twice a day to start with as we got familiar with the different styles available and what worked for us. Then when LO was about 5 weeks old we went full time CD. We love the money that it is saving our family!

  270. we dived into cloth diapering when our first babe was 7 months old, after a couple weeks of research. we bought a whole stash of bumgenius 3.0’s and when we got them it turned out cloth diapering was WAY easier for us that we ever expected it to be. we are now patiently awaiting the arrival of our second babe (41week+1day as of today heheh) and i am so excited to be sing cloth from the get-go this time around! i have come to hate sposies!

  271. We recently moved into an apartment with only a public laundry room. I wanted to keep using cloth but didn’t want to spend so much on the machines. I did some research and found a portable washer with spin dryer. It’s small but can easily handle close to two days worth of diapers and wipes. I’m glad we have it because I have been dealing with a yeast rash on my son, which means even more laundry.

  272. we love it because it saves money

  273. We actually didn’t like disposables – we found them cumbersome and very leaky. So making cloth work was easy!

  274. We use cloth full time, but the few times I have left her with Daddy or friends I always leave a disposable as an option. I find that eases their mind so if they “can’t figure out” the cloth diaper they have a backup!

  275. my husband bought me a washing machine for christmas just before our second was due! i had been handwashing all our clothing and diapers for my son for well over a year but he knew my hands would be full with 2 in cloth! hes a good man, that one.

  276. I had many reasons for wanting to use cloth: it’s what my mom used for me and my siblings, I knew it would save money, and I HATED the idea of creating so much trash for someone so tiny. On occasion we have used disposable diapers, and they always make me long for my cloth!

  277. Testing another comment for you!

  278. “At first, my husband was a huge skeptic on using cloth diapers. I had to print all sorts of online information to prove their worth in the long run to him. I, eventually, talked him into letting us use cloth diapers and stop using disposables on my son. We carry a diaper bag with us when we go out and also a cloth diaper essentials bag. We are always prepared for the worst. In our bathrooms we have hanging pails and in the babys room is a diaper pail as well. We may do laundry more often, but we also have less smelly trash to dispose of and my son went from constant diaper rashes to rarely having diaper rashes. Cloth diapers work for our family in more ways then I can ever say! They save us time, money, and not to mention are great for our children and the environment too!”

  279. I’m planning to be flexible and try lots of different things before deciding what will work best for my family.

  280. We have not started using cloth diapers yet. I have been seeing these diapers on the blogs and I am very interested to find all the information on them.

  281. We love cloth diapering! Cloth diapering has come a long way and is so easy and convenient. It saves you money and is so much better for baby. It is also great for the environment!

  282. I love that my CD’s are non-toxic, save us money and really are not that big of a deal to use. I just wish I could get the daycare on board.

  283. We started out part time. Now that it’s summer break, I CD full time and love it! We just found a new nanny who is willing to continue using cloth diapers with our lo.

  284. Cloth diapering has saved us not just money, but time and hassle as well (ironically). Because I can adjust pretty much everything in our stash to fit different sizes of children at any given time, it has really streamlined my diapering system. With disposables, I’d be buying newborn diapers, infant diapers and pull-ups all at the same time!

  285. I love reusable pouches! They are so much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly!

  286. I’m most excited for Charlie Banana as I have been really wanting to try them!

  287. I am having trouble with my entries on the form. I think there is a “pin it” button somewhere on the form and it keeps taking me to a page to pin a picture whenever I try to submit an entry.

  288. Could you add another picture of the front snaps you’re taking about?

  289. love to win

  290. i plan to go to the spa.

  291. We are going to get lunch and feed giraffes at the local zoo (:

  292. I plan to use my Mother’s Day gift, a kindle fire hdx, and read a novel.

  293. I plan to take a nap 🙂

  294. I plan on sleeping in and the eating out.

  295. I am going to pamper myself by letting the kids do the laundry

  296. I plan to relax

  297. I’m not sure about pampering. My sister and I are talking about going out for lunch on Saturday so as not to interfere with anything my son might plan for Sunday.

  298. I want to find a cool breeze and read a good book

  299. I would wait til I have time to myself and then use the products and relax.

  300. I already received my gift. I bought myself a new purse :). Happy mother’s day to me!!

  301. I’m pretty sure I wont get a break or a card or anything nice. They never do I will likely buy myself a candy bar.

  302. I am not a mommy unless you count my 5 furbabies. I plan on making my mom some food and giving her a nice gift.

  303. I don’t know that I’ll get to paper myself this year since we are having dh’s whole family over! There are 6 of them plus SOs/hubbys and kids. I’ll probably pick me up a latte from Starbucks before they are due to arrive and sit and read for a little bit after church!

  304. By the way, thanks for the giveaway and happy mother’s day to you!

  305. I can’t wait for the cute Mother’s Day cards that my children will make me this year! Going out to eat as a family (7 months pregnant… kitchen duty, yeah!!) will be a bonus.

  306. Going out to breakfast…

  307. I really don’t do much for myself. My hubby usually cooks me dinner though!

  308. I will probably just make a craft and spend time outdoors with my little man.

  309. I plan not to cook and have others cook for me it’s tradition.

  310. Well, I’ll be home alone with my kids so pampering might not be in the forecast, but I’ll enjoy the day with them. Maybe they’ll make me some cute craft at school. Or maybe daddy will do something special. We’ll see!

  311. I am hoping to go out for dinner so I won’t have to cook. Maybe I will take a long hot bath as well if I am

  312. I plan to sleep in then go out for a late brunch.

  313. I plan to pamper myself by watching movies with my family and taking it easy. 🙂

  314. I plan on going out to eat.

  315. I’m actually recovering from knee replacement surgery, so I will be in my usual place my bed being waited on by my family 🙂

  316. I’ll go out to eat with my mom and family.

  317. I will sleep late and my husband and sons will boil the crawfish and do the grilling.

  318. I plan to sleep late, then hang out with my mom, kids and grand kids.

  319. Hopefully I can sleep in! 🙂

  320. I plan on sleeping in, and eating something with lots of sugar in it!

  321. I am not a mom but I plan to help pamper my mommy friend!

  322. i hope i get to take a nap

  323. I plan on going out to eat with my family!

  324. I’m hoping to get a haircut and maybe a pedicure

  325. I plan on sleeping in! Everything else will just be icing on the cake!

  326. Gonna try the mouthwas foot soak. I need it. Lol

  327. I plan to get my hair cut, it’s to my bum and just too hot! I would also love a pedicure if we can afford it.

  328. My husband will be at work, but I would love if my little man let me sleep til 7am!

  329. I plan on getting my feet rubbed!

  330. I’ll be pampered by spending the whole day playing with my grand daughter ~ then some good food & movie ~ then a nice lavender bath ♥ Can’t ask for a better day ♥

  331. I will hopefully get to sleep in and my husband will make the food!

  332. i may get a nap in! i’d like that a LOT

  333. I plan to pamper myself by convincing my husband to cook a lovely dinner.

  334. Hmmm…maybe I’ll take a bubble bath haha 🙂

  335. Hey, I signed up for your emails, and here’s a new post and I don’t think I received an email….

    • I don’t see you listed in the post updates subscription. perhaps it was the weekly newsletter?

  336. Thanks so much for including my chive vinegar recipe and my sponge re-use. What a great round-up.

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