Affordable Gifts for the Quirky Art Lover

gifts for art loversGifts for art lovers

Eclectic art lovers are surely the most fun to shop WITH, but choosing a gift FOR them might be a different story. Obviously, none of of us want to do something as risky and buying someone else an expensive piece of original art, but there are plenty of other ways to give the gift of art. Art is present all around us in many of our every day home goods and even our tech. Here are some gift ideas from Lake & River Studio, and a bonus idea at the end!

Holiday Gifts for the Quirky Art Lover

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Teal and Green Abstract Art Print Tree Ornament

An ornament for the tree or just around the home is so obvious, it must go first. Or maybe it is not so obvious to think of putting a painting on an ornament. One thing is for sure, these are not the typical ornaments you see on most people’s trees.


Wall Clock with Moody Black and Blue Abstract Art 

Instead of a boring, plain wall clock, some of us might like something a little different. This moody art abstract clock makes a statement and you won’t find it at any typical big box store.


Drink Coasters with Blue and Purple Abstract Design

Coasters are an underrated gift! Most of us like to protect our furniture and coasters get so much use, they certainly wear out and need replacing. An artistic set brings a little flair tot he table.

Great Gift Ideas for the Art lover

Unique Wood Art Print Featuring Agate Slice Abstract 

An art print on wood is a unique way to display wall art without needing a frame. Mixing framed and unframed pieces on a gallery wall adds interest and variety.


Teal Printed Tote Bag

A tote bag with an artistic print is a pretty safe direction for a gift. It is inexpensive and bags are so useful, most people like having several. Shop artistic tote bags.


Shower Curtain Featuring a Tree and Moon Print 

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A shower curtain might sound like a weird gift, but hey, I have literally known people who redecorate their bathroom for every holiday. This retro-style print fits with several decor themes and showercurtains are one of those things people usually do not replace often enough.


Coffee Mug with a Unique Pattern

Any design on dishware was created by someone. It is all someone’s artwork at some point in the process. These coffee mugs all feature Lake & River Studio artwork that was made by hand before the printing stage. Shop unique coffee mugs.


Aqua and Green Throw Pillow Printed with Abstract Art

If you know their color scheme in their home, a throw pillow is not a bad idea. It is an inexpensive way to own a print in a functional way. Shop Throw Pillows.


Blue and Orange Abstract Art Print 

Or you could just go with an good old fine art print and call it a day. Art is very personal and it can be very difficult to pick out a piece for someone else. Prints are an affordable and lower risk way to give wall art. Shop art prints.


Creative Phone Wallet with Blue Abstract Art 

Considering how many of us have smart phones these days, a custom phone wallet might be a fun gift. It is a piece of art the recipient always carries with them!


Floater frames for Displaying their Favorite Artworks

BONUS!!  When in doubt, go for some decent artwork frames. Even if your recipient does not currently have anything to go into the size frame you get them, if they are truly an art lover, odds are they will have that right piece soon enough.


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