3 Ways To Incorporate More Art Into Your Life


Do you want more visual art in your life, but don’t know how to go about it? Maybe you long for one of those eclectic homes where everything looks like it has a story behind it. Or perhaps you crave more creative expression in your surroundings, but have no desire to become an artist or designer. No worries. Cultivating a creatively curated home can be a lot of fun and doesn’t need to be scary.

First off, make sure to take notice of what you already have. Everything in your home, from your sofa to your coffee maker, was designed by someone. There are creative innovators behind the design of everything in our lives. Your house and the building you work in required the creativity of structural engineers. The logos on your clothing required graphic designers. Your grandmother’s vase handed down to you was created by an artisan. All of your decor was imagined by some artist somewhere before it went into production. Art is all around you.

So now that you took a look at your surroundings, it should be easier to see the different ways to add more art to your life.
Let’s take a closer look at how to artify your life.


3 Ways To Incorporate More Art Into Your Life

artisan pottery

1. Artisanal Pottery
This is one of my favorites. In this day and age, we tend to have IKEA-Itis. We all have the same minimal white dishware sets. I’m quite guilty of this too.
They look pretty and minimal and pristine in their little white stacks. Especially, on the pristine open shelving that is all the rage right now. But there is also something rather soulless about them. When I see an all white kitchen with its white cabinets, white tile, white marble counters, and white dish sets, I see great consistency and things that will never go out of style. But…..I also feel a little bleak.
I’m not saying you need to collect a rainbow of mish mashed dishes and bowls and feel tacky.
Go to one of those quaint towns with a main street and stroll into one of those pottery shops where the owner fires everything in their own kiln. Take in the variance in textures, colors, and that beautiful glaze drip running down the sides of those mugs.
You can get a full dish set in a light neutral tone. It will be white, but with drips and speckles and flecks and soul.
There are really only two downsides. You generally can’t microwave these. (Is that really a downside anyway?) The second is cost. It will always cost more to buy from a small business, especially a small business that also creates its own product.
Did you know many potters also make tile? You could really go all out with a new backsplash!

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pillow with agate art

2. Textiles.
I’m talking throw pillows, draperies, bed linens, etc. There are a ton of print-on-demand sites online these days. You can find neat pillows and curtains with the designs of independent artists. They receive a cut of the profit. However, they receive a really, really small cut. If you can, find an artist who sells these types of items on their own website. They very likely have a better profit margin and they really appreciate your support.
You can even search a marketplace like Etsy and find artisans who quilt and sew high quality bedding that really are works of art.
Never underestimate how much impact a unique pillow or handwoven rug can have on your home!

3. Accessories of all kinds.
I don’t just mean scarves and jewelry. Yes, you can find quite a few websites for artists selling their handcrafted fashion accessories. But, lets go further. Some artists sell notebooks and journals with their artwork printed on the covers. What a way to add fun and interest to a task as simple as jotting down a reminder. There are also artists at craft fairs, etsy, independent sites, and boutiques who sell smaller items like Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, fridge magnets, drink coasters, keychains, and more. These items sound tiny and like they might not make a difference, but if the rest of your decor/wardrobe/lifestyle is very neutral and minimal, these small touches can really make a big difference. If you have a personality that really loves planning and coordinating the tiniest of details, these small choices can bring you a lot of happiness.
Personally, I am more of a stuff-a-torn-magazine-page-in-my-book person instead of using bookmarks, but this world needs all kinds.
In this world of mass produced cookie cutter junk, it can be really nice to see even one tiny item that is truly unique and created by an artisan. Plus, supporting small business is always a great thing.

So there we have it. Three ways to add more art to your life. There are, of course, many more ways, but obviously you are itching to go look at pottery now.
Put some death metal on the stereo and enjoy some auditory art while you are at it.

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