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green and blue agate paintingAbout Lake & River Studio

Creating A Life of Vibrant Color Inspired by Nature.

Welcome to the art pages of Lake & River. I am Steph and I make things.

Most of my designs are inspired by plant life and river rocks, although some of the abstract sunburst designs are simply creative indulgence. There is a little obsession with cacti, succulents, agates, and ink going on around these parts. If you want to know when new stuff is happening, please subscribe to the newsletter.

Lake & River is all about nature. The name comes from a play on the meaning of the names of my first two children. After testing the waters in other creative venues over the years, it was time to come back to the beginning. Creating beauty.
I fell down the painting rabbit hole over 20 years ago and decided to go back.
All works are based on items or visions in nature. Most are based on plant life right in our own garden and home. (We are big plant enthusiasts here!)

I use several media to create my paintings. The most common are acrylic inks, acrylic paints, alcohol inks, synthetic papers, cotton papers, canvas, and wood. Of course there are usually paint brushes, isopropyl alcohol, torches, heat guns, and the occasional power tool involved.

All artworks are copyrighted.
-S. Tackett


The Lake & River Co also known as The Lake & River Green Company LLC, is dedicated to spreading the message of simplicity, visual harmony, environmental sustainability, and realistic family life through sharing and curating articles, links and products that can help families live a calm, low-stress  balanced lifestyles. We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Recently we closed Irresistibly Green, the retail store portion of the business dealing with eco-friendly products, green living, and natural parenting topics. While those topics are still near and dear, it became more effective to deal in information than retail. If you arrived here via a broken link about natural parenting and family life, those posts are now hosted at the family blog Just Add Cloth.

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