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Mar 062018

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Have you ever, as an artist, sold a painting and wished you had more documentation of it before it left? More memories? Do you have trouble remembering all the pieces you’ve painted?
As artists, we tend to create a lot of pieces. Some leave the studio quickly , and some never see the public. Some sit in storage forgotten. Some are painted over.

There are times I wish I was better at creating a catalogue as it were, of all of the pieces so that I have a reference. I do this with my children and family in the form of photo albums, so why not do something similar for artworks gone by?
I want something a little more quality and formal than a photo album and the thought hit me. Photo book printing services! There are multiple options out there, but I am most familiar with Blurb.

At Blurb, I can upload scans of my art and design a layout. Then I can have them print a hardcover book of my artworks with dates and titles as captions.
Our realty agent did this as a little gift to us when we sold our first house. They gave us this cute hardcover blurb book with professional photos of the interior and exterior of that first home.

This is a great idea for an art catalogue for my studio shelf. And leafing through a book is certainly easier than digging through the storage section of the studio or searching through digital files.
I am thinking I could have one book printed for every two years worth of artworks.

Or, you could create smaller books of available works and prints and sell them as catalogues for selling your work. Bonus two for one on marketing there.

You can visit blurb and see all they have to offer: Make a book with Blurb.
They often have some nice coupons too.


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