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Oct 122017

Emerald Agate I

Emerald Agate II

Emerald Agate III


Did you ever go agate hunting in ravines as a child? It was a favorite pastime of mine back in the day. I may have collected enough rocks to drive my mother crazy.

The Emerald Agate mini Series contains three ink paintings on synthetic paper.

Each painting is 5″x7″. (Matted to 8″x10″).
It is coated in a UV resistant non-yellowing protective museum varnish. This should help protect against fading, but it should still not be hung in direct sunlight.
It is secured in a professional matte with acid free backboard and acid free linen tape. Each matted painting is also in a plastic sleeve.

Emerald Agate I and Emerald Agate III are ONE OF A KIND with no prints. Emerald Agate II has both the original and digital prints available.

Finished product:
-8″x10″ matted
-signed by artist
-includes protective varnish and plastic sleeve

Available in the Etsy shop.



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